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20 Reasons Why it is Barr Babatunde Ayotunde Irukera

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Barr Irukera

20 Reasons Why it is Barr Babatunde Ayotunde Irukera for the Plum Job

1. No political baggage to contend with.

2. No public spat with any political opponent or opponents

3. No accusation whatsoever from state or federal government

4. He personally likes people

5. He has Nicodemously and openly supported uncountable number of students at different stages of their education and as well supported Kogi citizens of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

6. He is empathic and groans about the sorry standard of development in Kogi State

7. He longs to use his capacity to lift Kogi out of the hole

8. He is roundly schooled in public administration and civil engagement.

9. BAI has clear professional trajectory. No doubt about whether he finished university or not. He achieved greatly for the country through his headship Consumer Protection Council (CPC) now Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC).

10. He is tested and trusted by virtue of his experiences and performances at public services

11. His outstanding performance at FCCPC makes him worthy of this higher calling to governorship.

12. He is favourably close to the government at the centre, a great advantage for Kogi to be in tandem with central government BAI being the governor.

13. BAI is affectionately humble, approachable with listening ears. He is carrying these virtues to Lugard House, congratulation Kogi citizens.

14. He is going to be a governor that brings respect for Kogi citizens all over Nigeria and beyond. He will unite all of us.

15. He identifies with all Kogi citizens and Kogites are happy to associate with him, knowing he cannot bring disgrace upon them.

16. He will restore back dignity to Kogi State and to the citizens.

17. BAI will ethically engage with all groups in Kogi State and with all interests that will bring glory to the state.

18. He is vicarious in service; he is sacrificial in support.

19. He is loved at home, he is loved abroad.

20. He is a veritable bridge to Kogi’s re-establishment and greatness.


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