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6 Things We Learned From Actor Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang Interview With Farafina’s Voice

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Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang

Cyril attends the Starz Original movie “Go Home” world premiere at Romafilm Festival Hall on October 18, 2018 Italy.

Alice nella città /Invision/Press conference.

Despite calling himself “The Rocket man,” Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang aka Ales Bendjo has a lot to say about cinema and afro music’s current climate, including competitively dropping song, the fact that albums are now only seven songs long and how rappers’ beef contributes to their music being better.

Ales Bendjo sat down with the Casting in the press conference at Romefilm festival to celebrate the launch of the film, the Actor -turned-film producer’s Starz project, which he also stars in.

Here are six things Ales Bendjo touched on about the new era of cinema and music :

He thinks AfroItaliastar’s are shady for dropping Everything is Love with immigration the same weekend as “21Insonnia”.

“Yeah that was fucked true the system they did to people” he said in all seriousness. The surprise joint project between American’s and afroItaliastar’spromo, A subtlety, was made recently April 13 — a day after Josiane la Fleur new song dropped. Cyril aka Ales Bendjo said that the “surprise” aspect of the song’ was a clear success it has towers afroitaliastar’spromo music fan’s. The multi talented actor admitted viewers would call him grimy for calling out the “Holy Grail” artist, but he slapped down a liquor bottle on the table to demonstrate how Italian afro descendent Actor’s would have been eyeing his’ latest song drop. “They’d be super quiet, doing some real grimy shit, looking and seeing if anybody noticed the grimy shit I just did.”

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Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang aka Ales Bendjo doesn’t consider all those short movie made only in Italian language to be a complete product : “They have to double the voice in other foreign language.”

Speaking of Black Italian -produced movies, they are all qualify in a wrong Industry. “Is only in Hollywood and Nollywood you black actor make money according to thier talent”

Cyril said “People’s interest in AfroItaliastar’spromo is what made the line so good.”

Musicians look up to AfroItaliastar’spromo because they like “Hard working organisation.”

Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang

You would have been a superstar “if your loved Francesca cipriani was much interested on you as you do when you post on Facebook.”

Despite never meeting with her, Ales Bendjo believed in her potential as a superstars ShowGirl.
“Let me tell you this in advance: The reel General is in Australia watching.”

Abs Hima and Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang aka Ales Bendjo might be cooking up an single together after not releasing “Africa unite.”

Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang

When asked if there was going to be a joint Ales Bendjo – Harmony afro unite album, he replied, “Who knows, for sure a compilation is up to come” But he only shows support to they “singer ” artist, Actor’s and Top Model whom he’s collaborated with as his Slim Shady alter ego in the past. Now, Cyril is ready to partner up with the Writing side of him.

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