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Cameroon Actor Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang rocks Italy with official Video +39

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Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang

5 years ago Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang (Aka) Ales Bendjo by his Artist name, Left the medical school, his country and every opportunity he could have to follow the passion that he where told to do. And now is a new International Actor from +39 Movie “Hollywood Italy” Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang , based in Rome. “Histoire d’amour”, like “halo” of Beyonce, is a love song cluby banger striking in Italy and the world most watched international medias today.

Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang

From being a dick actor and singer at events, show and concerts, Cyril Aka Ales Bendjo is a professional Manager of AfroItaliastar’spromo musicians, dropping his international new single “Histoire d’amour” On Tv, Radio and web Entertainment.


The Cameroonian actor singer and Manager representing central Africa and her magnificent talents hails from the South West Region (Bami) of Cameroon, with names originally called Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang.

Probably seen as the first most foreign expensive Camer video and the first Cameroonian singing in Italian language, the Histoire d’amour Top model like video piece and it instrumentals are just the only onething one would press a replay for…enjoy the song “Histoire d’amour” Ales Bendjo… leggo!!!!!!!!

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