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Dino Melaye’s Billboards Vandalized.

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Jibrin Usman billboards vandalized in Ankpa 3 - Dino Melaye's Billboards Vandalized.

In the wee hours of today, (Monday, 8 July, 2019) so many people from Ayetoro Gbede Ijumu LGA as well as travelers rooting along Ayetoro Gbede woke up to dismay when they saw the irresponsible act of the destruction of Senator Dino Melaye’s campaign bill board.

The bill board was among of the campaign boards mounted during 2019 Presidential/ NASS campaign period. It carries the pictures of both PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Kogi West Senator Dino Melaye (now re-elected).

During the journey to 2019 National Assembly election campaign, Sen Melaye’s bill board  were severely damaged, destroyed and defaced repeatedly by the ruling APC agents across the seven (7 ) LGAs. Destructive agents did everything dirty to demarket the PDP candidate, Dino Melaye.

After all manner of  uncivilized approach to politics, Sen Dino Melaye got re-elected with a wide margin under PDP platform.

The burial week of Sen. Melaye’s beloved mother.

Dino’s Entry Into Kogi Gov’ship Race Poses New Challenge for Bello


At this point in the very Monday morning of the new week preceding the burial day of Deaconess Comfort Melaye, slated to commence July 12 and 13, 2019, the unrepentant political jobbers (agberos) reactivated their barbaric destruction of Sen Melaye’s bill board used for 2019 election.The bill board is directly located in front of Nigerian Police Station, Ayetoro Gbede Division.

We do not know the significance and motives of the silly actors of destruction who are very short in wisdom, vision and foresight, but very tall in irresponsible act of destruction and barbaric style.

Any right thinking human being, will understand that this unfortunate act is beyond politics. This is a total hatred from anti- progressive elements.

Could this senseless act be connected to Sen Melaye’s Governorship ambition which he declared for recently? And if so, is there any justification for the irresponsible act?If not madness, why the unexplainable destruction of a bill board used and mounted since after PDP primaries in 2018 and Sen Dino Melaye as Kogi West PDP candidate have since won in a landslide victory.

Surprisingly, since the conclusion of general elections in march, the silly actors waited until the burial week of our beloved mother Deaconess Comfort Melaye who died few weeks ago, and send their destructive slaves to carry out the hatred act.

Surely, those who carry out this disgusting act will end in total destruction and disgrace.Destruction, negative affliction will consume them and their sponsors in short time as God liveth. Real, imaginary or potential enemies cant stop Sen Dino Melaye because power belongs to God and he give it to whom he wishes.

Appropriate legal actions will be taken and we warn the sponsors behind the senseless act  not to take our civility and calm for granted.Okun/Kogi west people are known for development and civilized politics until when some desperate few opportunist came on board.Members of Sen Dino Melaye political family engage in politics of idealism, progressivism  welfarism of the masses and which directly confronts and dismiss every act of destructive politics.

Let the silly barbaric destroyers halt it now

– Gbenga Bright
For: Team SDM

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