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Kogi Gov’ship Race: QS Aminu is Coming

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QS Aminu

Today, the 18th of June 2019, QS Aminu Abubakar Suleiman, the future Governor of the great state of Kogi, embarks on a state-wide tour. The object of which is not just an opportunity to present himself to Kogi as a whole, or an opportunity to present a new deal to the people of Kogi, but a fact-finding mission to ascertain the specificities of the problems faced by all our different communities. The aim is for a better Kogi, devoid of hardship, salaries in arrears and with an abundantly prosperous future.

QS Aminu and the remarkable team he has put together has identified the underlying problems our people are facing. We are unquestionably conversant with the issues at hand, but it is of major importance to understand the specific challenges faced by each and every community.For every situation is unique.

Areas rife with unemployment do in fact have a common problem, but the root cause of that problem may largely differ. To that end we shall go door to door sitting down with the good people of Kogi, meeting with traditional leaders and all relevant stakeholders in the community. QS Aminu is coming to you, the people, to hear you. He is coming to hear your demands, hear your grievances, listen to your protests. He is coming to proffer solutions. He is here to fix Kogi, plug the leakages and make it work for all of us. QS Aminu is coming.

QS Aminu shall pay a call to each and every Local Government in Kogi: Adavi, Ajaokuta, Ankpa, Bassa, Dekina, Ibaji, Idah, Igalamela-Odolu, Ijumu, Kabba/Bunu, KotonKarfe, Lokoja, Mopa-Muro, Ofu, Ogori/Magongo, Okehi, Okene, Olamaboro, Omala, Yagba East, Yagba West. All 21 of our Local Governments shall be privy to his message of hope. No Local Government shall get preference over another, because at the end of the day we are all one, and we need a Governor that would treat us as such. He shall travel round Kogi and marvel at the splendours of our beautiful lands, but more importantly our beautiful people. Our greatest asset has always and will always be our people.Kogi is blessed with great minds, great individuals, and an unrivalled degree of human capital. QS Aminu is here to harness that. He is here to put us to task and elevate us to greater heights. He is here to promote industry, lay infrastructure, and create wealth.

As the harbinger of hope, justice, equality and the economic freedom of the people of Kogi, QS Aminu is coming. He is coming to preach his message of hope. Hope for a better future. Hope which shall leave no man behind, but carry us all along. Hope which knows not religion nor ethnicity, but hope which shall recognise people simply as citizens of the great state of Kogi.

Kogi is at a delicate stage in our polity. We are being plagued by bad governance, governance which we did not vote for, but was forced upon us. We must remedy this. We must put ourselves in a better position come November. It is our mandate to do so. QS Aminu is coming for this purpose. He is the breath of fresh air we so desperately desire. He is an individual poised and capable of being the next Governor of Kogi, and a successful one for that matter. He is the bearer of our good tidings. He is our salvation. QS Aminu is coming.

Over the past few months QS Aminu has, in detail, rolled out extracts of his vision for Kogi. He has told us what his learned opinion visualises for us and how he is going to execute this vision. This tour shall also do the same. QS Aminu is coming directly to you, the people, to do so. He is coming to discuss his plans with you, open a dialogue and garner the necessary public will and consensus needed for these plans to succeed. This tour shall be the catalyst which opens the eyes of the people to the newer possibilities and unimaginable heights we can attain if we have the right people leading us.

Today is a great day to be from Kogi. Because finally hope is in the air. QS Aminu is our hope, and I am proud to lay my support towards him. I am proud to work side by side with a man of his calibre, who shall surely make a difference for our state. I am proud to be from Kogi. Today is a great day to be from Kogi. For QS Aminu is coming, and we must anticipate his arrival. QS Aminu is coming, and the good times are coming with him.

This tour is the beginning of the end of the hardship and suffering of the last four years. This tour shall usher in a new dawn where the sun shall finally shine upon our great state. QS Aminu is coming. WE CAN, WE WILL.

– Barr. Mohammed A. Yunusa writes from Abuja

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