Fri. Feb 28th, 2020


We Fight For The Freedom Of Our People

KogiKoya Movement

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koya - KogiKoya Movement

KogiKoya Movement is a  group agitating for the restructuring of Kogi State’s political, economic and social structures.

We are strongly against heinous activities in Kogi land such as, killings, unpaid workers salaries, Kidnapping and destruction of properties.

We reject youth unemployment, food insecurity, infrastructural decadence, lack of access to quality health care services and commercialization of basic education in Kogi State.

KogiKoya is a social political group at the forefront of liberation of Kogi State from the shackles of political canker worms that has impoverished our people and suck our state dry.

KogiKoya believe that Kogities are entitled to live a good life and be paid for their services.

It is our believe that the raging hunger, poverty, youth unemployment and social decadence ravaging our land would be drastically wiped out if Kogi State is patriotically restructured.

Our Cardinal goals are:

1. Economic and Social Upliftment of Kogities,
2. Empowerment of the people;
3. Development of Kogi State in all ramifications.

4. Payment of workers salaries



Kogi LG workers reject salary payment

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