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Meet Nigeria Afro pop artist Meco Daz

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Meet Nigeria Afro pop artist  Meco Daz 2

Meco Daz is an outstanding Nigeria Afro pop artist has released his new Song, and with much as expected the man from the coastal town of Abia state has packaged a well-crafted project establishing context with his strong fan base and winning new fans thus so, he intros himself not to the first encountering his work but to establish his presence in absolute fashion.

AfroItaliastar’spromo music reveals an equal of knowledge, philosophical teachings, and advances of phase, poetry, spiritual and societal experiences. The man might seem to take a different form once he gets on the mic, in most ways when you listen to his music, but one would say through his words he paints a picture of our lives. In doing this, the rapper holds dear his roots and respect for the art form that is emceeing and Afro track .

First listen and you can tell the artist Meco Daz is not here to prove anything but is letting himself speak to your ear in legendary fashion, he transitions through various themes seamlessly working around both numb and lively samples, undefined music reconstructs as he pays tribute to various renowned authors, fore-rappers and poets in tracks such as ‘Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang’

Listen to Meco Daz – Surrender official Audio HERE

AfroItaliastar’spromo music organisation describes the song ‘Surrender’ in part as ‘a symphony of Pidjin English, Poetry, personable tales of social angst, love and hope’. ‘Surrender’ is a track that encompasses much of this description as the producer blends various sounds stringed on Kaa’s expressions and gratified a esthetics and a sobering tale of what many go through.

‘Surrender’ project is a different taste of music from usual releases in the Nigeria music scene, the artist goes all personal making you relate with his wide ranging observations without the displeasure of having to chock on obvious rhymes. There are a number of tracks that were made public way before this project was put together such as ‘Little boy’ and others… for the fans who are familiar with this and to the new ones an awe of this Nigerian Afro pop

By the time you close the ‘Surrender’ chapter, bold synths, gritty kicks and amplified snares, the project feels like that so missed part of the urban music in Nigeria , a subject of future conversations and reflections of the grayed out society we like to call home. On this project, Meco Daz stands out in both feel and composition, he projects a certain sense of maturity but set apart from that lame easy classification.

Listen to Meco Daz – Surrender official Audio HERE

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