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The New Entrant Cause Massive Upset and Reconfiguration of Kogi State Gubernatorial Race

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Barr Irukera

There is palpable shaking all over Kogi State at the announcement that Barr Irukera has obtained gubernatorial form to join the race to Lugard House in Lokoja. No small excitement greeted a good session of Kogi State today by all his followers and citizen of the state who have been yearning for good governance and loved and respected representative of the state.

Barr Babatunde Irukera the current DG of FCCPC who has etched his name in gold following his sterling performance at the commission and slew of reforms he has brought to the succor of consumers at different areas and degrees of interaction is now a candidate to contend with. He has really brought value to the dignity of public service and one of the genuine foot soldiers that champion citizen-centric change in this government.

As an executive with diverse experiences in different human engagement and administration, his entrance has raised the bar of the criteria that will make the many aspirants eligible before the Kogi State electorate. He is widely known for integrity, probity and forthrightness.

He will bring to bear his training has an arbitrator and regulator of international standard to help Kogi State move out of morass and doldrum of many years of ill-government the citizens of Kogi State have suffered.

Traduce, aspersions and mudsling have started from naysayers and dead-afraids because of the eminence of his candidacy. The upset of his entrance has awe-stricken egotistic jesters that have been boasting clout. They will soon be awaken from their panicky mode to realise that New Water has dawned, fresh fish has toggled. This is the best opportunity presented to Kogi State to be led into glory and sound re-establishment of the state.

Written by: Theophilus Dada


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