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Things you need to know about Omidan Oge

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Omidan Oge

Omidan Oge: Introduction

The Yeye of Okunland was coronated on the 28th December, 2016 by the Chairman, Okun Area Traditional Council as the initiator of the Aso Ibile Okun, the generally accepted traditional attire, and an ambassador to propagate our cultural heritage.
In her pursuit of our cultural heritage, she visited the Oni of Ife and other traditional rulers in Yorubaland which caught the attention of the United Yoruba Kingdom (Oodua) as she was also coronated the Aare Yeye of Yorubaland in 2017.
As one of her pet project in 2019, Aare Yeye in conjunction with Okun Socio-cultural Foundation has come up with a programme tagged Omidan Oge Okun. This event is schedule to hold on the 10th of August, 2019 at Kabba, Kogi State.
This event is to celebrate our maidens (Omidan) in Okunland (Oworo’s, Koro’s and Omuo) who have kept themselves in checks and maintain their honour and dignity, even with the moral decadence that abounds everywhere in our society.
It is also key to building self-confidence against abuse, molestation and the spirit of entrepreneurship that will showcase Okun in the world map. It is set to promote our Aso Ibile Okun trademark.
White – Peace
Brown – Our Fertile Land
Green – Agriculture (we are predominantly farmers)
Blue – The presence of the Almighty God.
This is one of the greatest virtues a woman can have, how many young girls in Okunland can truly live a Spartan life? Yeye Oge will also be celebrating parents that had been upright in the upbringing of their girl child and also be empowering those parents that would have toll the right path of good upbringing but lack the capacity to do such.
Honours will be given to some selected Okun sons and daughters that have distinguished themselves in their respective fields as they will bag the “Ogo Okun Awards”.
The event will be climaxed as Okun connect will be unveiled, it is a forum where all Okun sons and daughters worldwide will get to know themselves thereby fostering harmony and peace.
In the discharge of her duty as the Yeye Oge of Okunland, she has been able to come up with these initiatives.

Targeted Audience

It is expected that all Okun daughters in Nigeria and Diaspora especially those in neighbouring states like Kwara, Ekiti and the Oworo’s in Lokoja Local Government Area are to be participants between the ages of 18 and 25 years.

Benefits of the Events

It will bring unity among the Okuns in the world.
It will further encourage our maidens to be more responsible and build more self confidence.
It will totally discourage the indiscriminate pregnancies among our medians in our rural areas.
Parents will be encouraged to be more responsible.
It will propagate our cultural beliefs.
It will give the traditional stools more zeal to add value to community development.
Our sponsors will have more grounds to cover in Okunland.
It will increase our economic value.

Modus Operandi

It is expected that the event will start before the grand finale slated for the 10th of August, 2019. The intent form for participants is free for all.
Visitations will be conducted by the crew to various stakeholders as we ask for endorsements throughout the 36 States, including the FCT and Diaspora.
There will be 3 auditioning of participants before the main event until we get the finalists, all this will happen on the Okun soil. The star prize for the event is a Picanto Car and other gifts.
The final camping of the finalists will commence two weeks before the event at Kabba in Kogi State. It will avail them the opportunity to study, learn and showcase their skills during their stay at Kabba, Kogi State. The grand finale is billed for 10th of August, 2019 at Kabba, Kogi State and it will be attended by Obas from Yorubaland and other personalities, where Omidan Oge will be crowned.Conclusion
This is the first edition of Omidan Oge Okun a pet project of Yeye Oge of Okunland and it is going to be a yearly event that will constantly add value to the lives of young girls in Okunland as we await your sponsorship. Kindly accept our warmest regards as your support will be highly appreciated.
Yeye Omoleye Adebanji Aiyelabowo
Yeye Oge of Okunland/Aare Yeye of Yorubaland

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