Fri. Feb 28th, 2020


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I want to deemphasize the issue of political equity that Irukera came from Kogi West.

The emphasis must strictly center on competence and in this instance Irukera’s quality is rather striking as a sound technocrat and administrator and thoroughly lettered.

His tendency to greed and theft would’ve been drained given his long academic exposure, corporate accountability and experience as well as social decency.

Again, Kogi people’s concerns must go beyond party affiliations.

Kogi should and have to play down this partisan inclinations this time around and focus on getting a competent person to lead the state out its current pit of mess.

Kogi is in utter mess, not an exaggeration! Kogi hasn’t a governor but a ‘juvenile opportunist’.
It was Gov.Peter Obi in a public forum, who first publicly described him as the youngest and worst performing governor in Nigeria in a veiled reference 2yrs ago. Obi was correct.

My only advice for the people of Kogi state is to make sure that Yahaya Bello never returns to govt house even if APC gives him ticket…that could happen, this is Nigeria.

People must ignore party affiliations and vote him out massively in an open landslide defeat. Your votes will count.

Bello is totally unre-electable.
He’s not only a bloody failure but a criminal. A catastrophe on Kogi people.

EFCC must be on standby to grab him immediately to account of what he’s been doing with billions of public treasury in the past 4 yrs in office.

@moribund9ja writes from Canada.


Crisis hits Kogi APC as governorship aspirants move against Yahaya Bello

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